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                                       pet society is a place to get news about pet society!!!!!!!!!                                                         drawing made by john/...........john is the admin

Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!this pic was made by john

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

mystery box items!

hey there this is the newest 3 mystery box items:

from pet society ultimate fans (PSUF)

Friday, December 18, 2009


newest christmas!!!!!!!!!hiddeni gives a little cute new plushie

Saturday, December 5, 2009

how i got hooked to pet society!

about 9 months ago, i was bored because i had nothin to do...and by that time,i dont even have a facebook id..i was bored, so i just watched my sister play pet society...well from that time i wanted to control her pet out to collect coins...but she didn't let i was angry..i created a facebook id,but my age was to low to have a facebook i used plans to get into pet society...i put my age to 1991,(but my real age is 1999..)i keep playing it everyday....

all a sudden, i found that this is to see other people's behaviour...e.g.some people's house is very untidy..that means that the person that played it is very untidy..i can bet with you all that sees this note...the person that are untidy is also untidy in reality...

so from now on please be clean...good luck and bye..



There’s a new Pet Society lottery system where instead of receiving the usual lottery letter everyday, you now will be able to spin a lottery wheel! Yes, just like at the carnival or on wheel of fortune! The old lottery letter system had cash prize amounts of 50, 100, 500 and 1000 coins.

Update! Thanks to Miki Micky for pointing out my cash out error in the original post.

The new lottery wheel system has various cash prize amounts ranging from 10-1000 coins for the first day and if you login to Pet Society everyday for five days the prize value increases each day until the 5th day where the maximum prize will be 2000 coins. Since I logged in the 2nd day the cash prize amounts ranged from 12-1200 coins. Here’s my guess on the cash prizes for days 1 to 5.

Pet Society Lottery Daily Cash Prizes
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
10 coins12 coins16 coins18 coins20 coins
25 coins30 coins40 coins45 coins50 coins
50 coins60 coins80 coins90 coins100 coins
75 coins90 coins120 coins135 coins150 coins
100 coins120 coins160 coins180 coins200 coins
150 coins180 coins240 coins270 coins300 coins
250 coins300 coins400 coins450 coins500 coins
500 coins600 coins800 coins900 coins1000 coins
750 coins900 coins1200 coins1350 coins1500 coins
1000 coins1200 coins1600 coins1800 coins2000 coins

There’s also talk that if you continue to login consecutive days after day 5, you may have a chance to win an actual item. Paborito tried the lottery wheel for the first time today and was awarded 90 coins. Not to shabby, at least it’s better than 50 coins which he got a lot of times with the old system. Thankfully he didn’t get the 12 or 30 coin reward or he would have thrown a fit! =DSo is this lottery system more rewarding than the old one? We’ll just have to wait and see. What are your thoughts on the new system?

Old Lottery System

Old Lottery System

Pet Society Lottery Wheel - 2nd day - Spin to Win

Paborito won 90 coins on his first trypoor john...he just got 90 coins...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

i a'm now the new admin in petsocietyultimate fans

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the new tree the mayor planted!A CHRISTMAS TREE!
i don't know whats the name of the tree but it is in mahmoud's house

Pet Society Nature Channel Spotlight: Santa Hatfish. Known in fishy folklore for arriving with sackfish every year to leave presents for small fry.

Click here to play

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Pet Society Nature Channel Spotlight: Baublefish. What did the Pine conefish say to the baublefish? Don't get hung up! Don't get hung up? Get it? Never mind.
Click here to play

Saturday, November 28, 2009 to go to pet society ultimate fans

Poll: What Do You Think About Those Upcoming Items?

Poll: What Do You Think About Those Upcoming Items?

What Do You Think About Those stuff?please comment:

PLease Beware!11/26/2009

PLEASE BEWARE! There is a user sending links to a 'Free Pet Society Plushie' The message claims that if you click on the link you will get a Black Puppy Plushie. Do not clcik the link because it will lead to a phising site that will hack your Facebook info to steal all your Pet Society Items.

i found another great hideeni!!! too bad...i didn't post it...the point is...i forgot to post great hideeni's update...he gave us a squirrel plushie!!

Mayor Newsletter 11-26-09

There’s a newsletter from the Pet Society Mayor about supporting the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) through Pet Society. If you’re not aware of how this works, if you head to the cash shop and buy any of the WWF items Playfish/EA will donate a percentage of your purchase towards the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). In the past it was a 10% donation of your purchases but since this is the season of giving, Playfish/EA will bump that up to a 25% donation of your purchases between November 30th till January 3rd. So purchase those WWF items at the cash shop to Support World Wild Life!!! You can learn more about them at

WWF Items you can purchase at the Cash Shop

WWF Items you can purchase at the Cash Shop

    pet society!!click to go and play on facebook!

the luxury!

i will make it bigger once i update

Friday, November 27, 2009

please go to this url~:1 of the best pet society url:petSocietyUltimateFans
Paborito Lipunan

Paborito Lipunan he is my best friend in facebook....please add him!

Friday, November 13, 2009

apologize to paborito... sorry...but i copied the stuff in your URL to mine


Pet Society Trees and Fruit

There are seven types of trees you can grow in Pet Society. To grow a tree purchase the tree seed at the Garden Shop and plant it in your garden. Read our post about Gardening Basics if you’re unfamiliar with gardening in Pet Society. It takes 72 hours for a tree to fully develop and just like vegetables and flowers they are also randomly produced. The great thing about trees in Pet Society is that they bear fruit. This homegrown fruit can be picked and eaten, sold, or used as bait for fishing. Homegrown fruit has a price value of 65-85 coins so it’s best to sell homegrown fruit rather than eat it. Each tree grows a limit of 3 fruit per tree, if 3 fruits have been produced and are hanging from the tree, the tree will not produce any additional fruit. So be sure to pick your tree of it’s fruit in order to enable it to grow more. Here are the seven trees and the fruit they produce.

Apple TreeBanana Tree
Coconut TreeOrange Tree
Cherry TreeCupcake Tree
Strawberry Shortcake Tree

Homegrown Fruit
Homegrown AppleHomegrown Banana
Homegrown CoconutHomegrown Orange
Homegrown CherryHomegrown Cupcake
Homegrown Shortcake

Here’s a breakdown of the price and recycle points value of the homegrown fruit. The “Homegrown Cherry” and “Homegrown Cupcake” are considered rare fruits thus they have a higher price and recycle value.

Homegrown FruitPrice ValueRecycle Points Value
Homegrown Apple65 Coins392 Recycle Points
Homegrown Banana65 Coins392 Recycle Points
Homegrown Coconut65 Coins392 Recycle Points
Homegrown Orange65 Coins392 Recycle Points
Homegrown Shortcake65 Coins392 Recycle Points
Homegrown Cherry85 Coins512 Recycle Points
Homegrown Cupcake85 Coins512 Recycle Points

Electronic Arts Acquires Playfish

Electronic Arts Acquires Playfish

Electronic Arts Acquires PlayfishElectronic Arts Acquires Playfish

Today it’s been announced that Playfish which is the company that owns Pet Society along with other social network games such as Restaraunt City, Country Story, Crazy Planets and more has just been acquired by Electronic Arts Inc. EA is a leading gaming software company that owns numerous popular games made for xbox, playstation, wii and other platforms. What does this mean for Pet Society? With any acquisition you should always expect changes which won’t happen overnight, so everyone has to be patient. I’m hoping this merger will allow PS to be fixed of glitches, hacking and cloning but to also expand the amount of servers hosting the game so the game will run a lot faster and smoother. EA is a multi-million dollar company, they could afford an extra server or a thousand.:) Will Pet Society become a paid subscription game? Will more items and features be added? Will this mean Pet Society will be available in Xbox? For now the answer is wait and see. Is this acquisition for the better or for the worse for Pet Society? What do you think?


Featured Article Society Nannybot

There’s a new Nannybot in town and she’s here to feed, clean and play with your pet 24 hours a day. If you’re offline, she’ll make sure your pet is properly fed, cleaned and played with. When you’re online simply click on the Nannybot and she’ll automatically make sure your pet is fully taken care of. Nannybot is a machine however and does need a battery to work. You can purchase the Nannybot and a medium battery at the Gadget Store or Furniture store. The Nannybot costs 400 coins and the medium battery costs 5 Playfish Cash. The medium battery will keep Nannybot running for 3 days once activated, but Playfish has been nice enough to give every pet a free battery to get started. So if your pet is in need of a Nannybot, head over to the Furniture Store or Gadget Store to get one!


Pet Society

The trophy display bug has now been fixed. All you need to do in order to view the correct trophy score is to reload the game.

The issue with stickers dissapearing after approving them is also resolved. Unfortunately it is not possible to regain lost stickers at this time, my apologies.

The issue with the game not saving if you bought certain parts for your pet at the stylis is also saved. All you need to do is reload the game.


New Pet Society Mystery Box Items

There are 3 new items in the Mystery Boxes available at the Mystery Store. Paborito will be sure to purchase more Mystery Boxes to try and get these new

Great hiddeni!

Have You Heard Of Hedeeni's New Look?

Have You Ever Know That The Great Hedeeni Changes His Own Cloths?Yes! He Does! He Had Changed His Look To The New Autmun Look:

pet society domain

a friend's URL!paborito,the best pet society player

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